Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crime Desk: Patrol (1/3)

Starting out as an LAPD officer means following in the footsteps of so many lawmen before you - literally. Walking the beat and cruising your precinct's area as an officer on patrol is both how you pay your dues in the police department as well as a time-honored means of honing your skills and intuition to protect and serve. Before you can move up from a uniformed policeman to the suited attire of a crime desk detective working cases, you will have to prove your worth to the higher-ups on the force with some stellar policework on patrol.

As Cole Phelps, working alongside your partner Officer Ralph Dunn, you'll soon find that a day on patrol in 1947 Los Angeles is anything but routine. Be prepared for anything, and ready to spring into action when those calls come in.

Two of the crimes you'll face while working in uniform include a violent incident of armed robbery and a gunshot victim homicide.

Interviewing a shop keeper about a brutal murder that happened on his store’s block.
When a killing happens in broad daylight outside a shoe store, is there anything the salesgirl inside knows that may help?
Trying to take down the violent armed robbers inside the bank.

With the bandits outside taken care of, Phelps and Dunn prepare to enter the bank, guns in hand.


  1. You gods that made me man, and sway in love.

  2. Haven't checked this one out yet

  3. good insight of his police work

  4. I used to enjoy these type of games

  5. Amazing seen this around but havn't had the chance to play it as yet.

  6. L.A Noire has so much in the way of creating a mood and back story!