Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crime Desk: Arson (1/3)

All it can take is a simple strike of a match – and an entire home, building, city block… livelihoods and lives can be destroyed forever.
Scary enough that such danger can teeter on an accidental mishap like a kitchen grease fire, or a misplaced candle... But terrifying when at the hands of an arsonist who creates this devastation with intent.
After LA's bravest have fought and quelled a fire – if the responding fire chief determines any cause for suspicion, the LAPD Arson Crime Desk is alerted and its detectives go to work meticulously examining the scene for clues.
As Detective Cole Phelps working the Arson desk, you will see firsthand the charred ruins, scorched corpses and anguished survivors that are the victims of this most heinous of crimes.

Head of the Arson desk, Captain Lachlan McKelty relays the grisly details of a new fire.
Thorough examination can turn up key pieces of evidence.
Phelps looks over the unfortunate victims.
One of L.A.'s bravest surveys the devastation.
Sifting through the wreckage of a devastating fire.


  1. Seems like a mistake to not pick up the game! Followed!

    Check out my blog if u got the time

  2. I feel like this game missed out on some parts.
    Gotta love the voice-acting it has though !

  3. Wow, now this one catches my interest. It looks really well done for an arson case.

  4. I really need to get around to playing this game.